On Par Duckpin Bowling

Listen, we know you’re strong, but please dont throw the balls as hard as humanly possible.

Large Selection of Game Modes

Enjoy a variety of different games to play with your friends

Hourly Rental

Play as many games as you want, the lane is yours for as many hours as you choose! All lanes are first come, first serve.

Party friendly

With shorter lanes and competitive gameplay modes our duckpin is more social than normal bowling.



$ 30 / lane

per hour, 1-6 People



$ 40 / lane

per hour, 1-6 People

Want to know more about Duckpin Bowling?

While pretty similar to a standard game of bowling there are some key features that make it different.

Duckpin Ball

The duckpin bowling ball is far lighter than a standard 8-16 pound bowling ball.

0 lbs

Standard ball

0 lbs

Duckpin Ball

0 ft

The lanes are nearly a 1/3 of the way shorter than normal bowling AND you don't have to rent shoes, you can bowl in the ones you wore in!



While still using 10 frames you'll get 3 chances to knock all 10 pins down per frame.


Knocking down all 10 pins in the first try is a strike, a spare in the 2nd try, and 10 points in the 3rd.


Strike and spare scoring work exactly the same as standard bowling.

Sun: 12p-12a